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Why Volunteer With Us?

You’ll improve our world, almost beyond measure

If you’re able to give us a few regular volunteer hours, it’ll enable us to plant more trees in the tropics. That will remove tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere, allow biodiversity to flourish by creating safe habitats for creatures and humans, and improve the health & well being of our planet.
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Volunteering can give you a real sense of purpose

Have you ever asked yourself: “Why am I here? What is my role in this life? How can I make a difference to anyone or anything?” Believe me, all of those questions and more will be answered if you reach out and volunteer for Word Forest. You’ll soon see the difference you can make to our world and every living, breathing thing upon it. We can help you find your path and your purpose.

It helps counteract stress, anxiety and depression

We value our volunteers enormously, they are the very lifeblood of our charity. As a new member, you’ll be welcomed into the heart of Word Forest by an amazing team of dedicated volunteers. Working with us will give you a way to meet new people and it’ll strengthen your ties to local and global communities. It could also broaden your support network to folks with common interests.

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