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Mental Health and Wellbeing

The environmental challenges our world is facing right now, are gargantuan. There are days when we feel we can take them on and do something helpful and other days when the gravity of it all leaves us unable to do a thing. We understand those deep concerns and worries and we have those days too. 
A few of our team have spent time with the tree planters in Kenya and have had a tiny taste of what it feels like to live on the front line of climate change. We believe, with every fibre of our being, that lots of positive, active droplets of creative energy, raising awareness and evoking positive change, will make an enormous difference to the health of our planet.
Good mental health and wellbeing for humans is paramount too, particularly for those working in the environmental sector: our eyes are wide open and we can’t unsee what’s going on around us. We’re going to add items to this page to try and keep our heads in a good space and we hope you enjoy exploring them. If you have suggestions for good resources that we can share, please drop us a line
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